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Sesame oil

Sesame oil

Sesame oil is an oil in carrier and fixed form obtained from sesame seeds by cold pressing method.

Produced untouched by human hands in a cold-pressed oil machine, sesame oil is delivered to our valued customers after resting and filtering.

Sesame oil, which is produced with the permission of the Ministry of Agriculture and is of food quality, is used as the main raw material in many sectors.  You can supply sesame oil from our website and online marketplaces, or you can purchase it from our WhatsApp support line or via e-mail.

It is not a medicine and it is recommended that you do not use it without consulting your doctor.

soğuk sıkım yağ iş akış şeması

Susam Yağı Üretim Aşamaları


Possibility of purchasing in different packages

You can buy sesame oil from our website, from online marketplaces, or via WhatsApp or e-mail.

Sesame oil

High quality packaging

You can store the product with peace of mind in carefully selected packaging suitable for difficult storage conditions. Packaging that provides high security was chosen during the transportation phase.

1 kg sesame oil

Fast shipping, fast communication.

Your orders are delivered to you as quickly as possible with our same-day shipping option. Orders are tried to be shipped carefully and on the same day. You can wait for your cargo with peace of mind.

susam yağı analizi

Susam Yağı Analizi, Susam Yağı Coa, Susam Yağı tds

susam yağı msds
msds susam yağı

Susam Yağı MSDS

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