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Distance Selling Agreement

This Distance Selling Agreement ("Agreement"); Beyar Vita İlaç Gıda Kozmetik San ve Tic Ltd Şti. whose address is stated in article 5 ("Buyer") and located in Altındağ mh 162. sk 34/16 Muratpaşa/antalya. ("Seller") was created electronically within the framework of the rules and frameworks specified below.

In the life and interpretation of this contract, written explanations will be expressed in the operations written below.
Minister: Minister of Commerce,
Ministry: Ministry of Commerce,
Law: Law on Consumer Protection,
Regulation: Distance Sales Regulation,
Service: The subject of any initiative other than providing goods that is made or promised to be done in return for a fee or benefit,
Seller: A natural or legal person who offers goods to harassment or acts on behalf or on behalf of the person offering goods through commercial or professional activities, including public persons,
Website: The internet system of the SELLER named,
Orderer: The real or legal person who requests a good or service via the SELLER's website,
Buyer: Real or legal person who acquires, uses or benefits from a good or service through commercial or non-professional shares,
Parties: SELLER and BUYER,
Contract: This Agreement concluded between the SELLER and the BUYER,
Product or Products: It refers to the immovable property subject to shopping, immovable property for residential or holiday purposes, and all kinds of products such as software, sound, image and similar products to be used in electronic environment.

The subject of this Agreement is; It is the determination of the rights and rules of the Parties, as the Consumer Protection Law No. 6502 and the Distance Contracts Regulation must be given regarding the sale and delivery of the product, the features and sales price of which are specified below, with the BUYER's order information prepared electronically on the SELLER's website. Prices listed and announced on the site are the sales price. Declared prices and promises are valid until updated or changed. Prices announced periodically are valid for the specified period.

4.1. In the details below, the BUYER accepts that all general and specific explanations on the relevant pages of the Website have been examined, read, understood and informed before this Agreement is accepted and accepted by the BUYER on the Website and both the payment and the payment payment record are completed. It does.

SELLER's promotional and contact information and current promotional information,

Appropriate tools-methods regarding the stages of the sales process and incorrectly entered information during the collection of the Products from the Website,

Electronic contact information where information about the rules of conduct stipulated by the Professional Chamber -ATSO of which the SELLER is a member can be obtained.

Legal confidentiality, data use-processing and electronic communication rules to the BUYER for BUYER information applied by the SELLER, and BUYER's permissions to the SELLER in these matters, BUYER's legal rights, SELLER's rights and disclosure rights usage procedures,

Restriction of distribution of products by the SELLER,

Payment methods-tools accepted by the SELLER for the Products Subject to the Contract and the basic features of the Products-

products, the total price including taxes (the total price to be paid by the BUYER to the SELLER, including related expenses) Information about the procedures for the delivery of the products to the BUYER and transportation-delivery-cargo costs,

Other payment/collection and delivery information regarding the products and information regarding the performance of the Contract, responsibilities for the payments in these details,

Products and other goods and services that the BUYER does not have the right to withdraw,

The BUYER will lose the withdrawal loss if the BUYER does not use the money within the terms, period and procedure for which the BUYER has a duty of withdrawal, and if the right is not used in due time,

For Products with the right of withdrawal, the BUYER's withdrawal request may be accepted and in any case, the SELLER will be liable to the SELLER, if the Product is damaged due to use in accordance with the usage instructions, normally exhausted or technical specifications within the withdrawal period, or individually. In cases where it will be accepted, a group deemed appropriate according to the defect or change in question may deduct it from the refund to be made to the BUYER,

How can the products included in the withdrawal money be returned to the SELLER and all related financial issues (return methods, costs and exchange of the product price and renewable discount and offset for the reward points earned/used by the BUYER during the return)

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